Business Management System

Most small to medium size business around the world are having similar challenges on a day to day business operations.  Our customers spent so much of their time and energy managing customer records, finding opportunities, manging quotations, managing day to day business activities and delivering commitments to their customers without technology solution.

BMS helps solving day to day operational challenges for small to medium business.  BMS has been designed and developed with our users to ensure non technical users are able to manage their business activities without IT team within the organisation.

Business Management System

BMS Features

E-Commerce module -  E-Commerce module allows a customer to present their stock online for end users to purchase for either pickup or delivery.

Collaborate and keep your customers up to date - Communicate with your clients via multiple channels. Increase your sales by letting your clients interact with your sales team via any medium they feel comfortable with.

Manage your sales lead - Track your leads, proposals and sales from one place. Track the source of those contacts, be it through ads, referrals, online banners or any other form of advertising so you can better determine what works and what doesn't!

Easy quotes and invoices - Send customised professional-looking invoices and quotes. Automatic sales commission and GST calculator.

Create Jobs and Tasks - Create job and tasks in a few clicks and assign them to your employee for actions. Track the real-time progress of their delivery.

Real time scheduling - Manage appointments at ease without overlapping with other schedules.

Real time data visualisation and custom reports - Real-time data visualization to keep track of your company's performance.


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Timesheet System

Our Timesheet system is hosted in a secure cloud environment for you to use anytime and anywhere to manage your employees and contractors attendance.  Your employees are able to quickly record their time under the assigned clients, projects and tasks.  Simply drag the timeslot worked and save.  It is that simple.  

Our timesheet comes with lots of features and these can be customised to meet your organisation's time recording needs. 

Timesheet System